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Bagelheads – Japan’s Take on the Klingon Forehead


Ok , so they do not look nearly as cool as the Klingons , but basically the Japanese bagelheads look like they came from a galaxy far far away . For some reason , injecting saline into the forehead is becoming an increasingly popular trend in the land of the rising sun .

Bagelheads been around for years , but recently they have caused international controversy after body modification technique was featured in National Geographic program taboo . Three men underwent the procedure bagelhead in Tokyo , under the supervision of an expert and the watchful eyes of some body modification enthusiasts . They had large needle inserted into their foreheads with saline which dripped slowly forming a sort of reservoir . When built up enough salt under the skin creating a nice bulge , the only body mod master pressed his thumb on it to give it that coveted bagel shape . For some reason , each of the three topics seem pretty happy to have a deformed head .


The bagelhead trend was brought to Japan by changing body photographer Ryoichi ” Keroppy ” Maeda in 2007 , when he set up a team and started making infusions forehead . He first saw the strange craft in 1999 , with a spectacular body modification in Toronto . He experienced it himself in 2003 , and later asked permission from the artist who perfected the technique to bring it to Japan . And the rest , as they say , is history …

Keroppy says that as long as it done right , the technique poses no risk bagelhead . After all it is just salt being injected into the forehead and then gradually absorbed by the body . It takes around two hours for the forehead large waves well and the effect is lost in just 16-24 hours . Japanese photographer saying that many of his friends pumped their heads with a solution many times , but each time went back to their normal skin .


Apparently, bagelheads is really popular in Japan these days, and there are even organized bagelhead parties about twice a year. And the forehead is not the only thing full of salt to inject them either. Keroppy says his party many guys have scrotal infusions as well as …

Asked why people resort to such extreme body modification strategy, said Ryoichi it is because people with this kind of stuff is always looking for ways to set themselves apart from the crowd, and because “we all enjoy being freaks for a night”.

Bullfrog Served ALIVE at Japanese Restaurant


A video shot in Japan recently went viral after it showed a bullfrog served in a Japanese restaurant still blinking and twitching on the plate, after being skinned alive and cut into pieces.

This is definitely one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. Singaporean website STOMP recently released a series of photos and a video shot in a Japanese restaurant where apparently people like to eat bullfrogs while they’re still alive. The video shows a customer going into the restaurant and how the cook there simply picks up a big frog, sticks a knife in it, removes all its inedible innards and skins it alive. Then the focus moves on the smiling customers who enjoys a healthy serving of bullfrog sashimi while the animal is looking at her from her plate, blinking and twitching… That doesn’t seem to bother the young woman much, as she even gives the thumb-up sign for the quality of the dish.


I have no problem with people eating raw food, or even frogs, but eating pieces of them while their technically still living just makes my skin crawl. I don’t know if this qualifies as animal cruelty, just plain disgusting, or both, but it’s definitely not right. Although some have argued that in the wild animals are eaten alive every day, I don’t think comparing humans to animals makes very much sense…

I didn’t post the video here, as it’s pretty disturbing, but if you want to see the bullfrog literally eaten alive, check out the original article.

Brazilian man has 10 operations on his eyes so he can look Asian


A man obsessed with Korean culture has gone to extraordinary lengths to look Asian after having 10 plastic surgery operations to change his appearance.

Xiahn, 25, who was originally known as Max, became fixated on Korean culture following a year of study in the country.

Xiahn, who goes by the pseudonym Oriental Gaucho online, watched hours of Korean soap operas and listened to K-Pop constantly – and in time became overcome with the desire to have plastic surgery so that he would look like a native Korean.

‘As you know, there are thousands of Asian eye styles,’ Xiahn told ‘I had one major surgery on my eyes and then small procedures to reach the correct appearance.’

Now Xiahn has plans to move to South Korea as soon as he has he can.

Reports of his transformation have preceded him, and reactions have been mixed. Some like it and some don’t, he says, just like ‘any other thing in this world.’

Despite the drastic transformation though, Xiahn still feels Brazilian, thanks to the country’s diversity: ‘There are many mixed Brazilian people. For me a Korean person looks Brazilian as much as a German person or any other person that has born here.’

‘So even though I’ve changed the shape of my eyes, I am still Brazilian.’




Man Drives 20 Hours, Saves 11 Sochi Strays


One man, infuriated by Sochi’s program to exterminate thousands of stray dogs in preparation for the Olympic Games, took the rescue effort into his own hands. Igor Airapetyan drove for 20 hours over 990 miles from Moscow to Sochi to adopt 11 homeless dogs. His jam-packed car was caught on tape by a local news station:
“The Olympics have always been a symbol of peace, wars have been halted for the duration of the Olympics. But in Russia, the Olympics are built on blood,”Airapetyan told Radio Free Europe.

Now, Airapetyan is back in Moscow and trying to find homes for the dogs he rescued in Sochi. He hopes to spotlight animal cruelty in Russia in Sochi and elsewhere.

“I went there not only to pick up these 10 dogs but also to draw attention to this issue, to rally people and get them organized,” Airapetyan told RFE. “In the future, I would like to unite animal-protection groups so people can act in a consolidated manner with joint information resources.”

Tree of 40 Fruit


Sam Aken is an art professor at the University Of Syracuse, US. After growing up on a farm, he became an artist and it’s with these two that he has been able to develop the unbelievable Tree of 40 Fruit. In 2008, the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station was shutting down an orchard due to funding problems. The orchard was home to a number of antique, heirloom and native stone fruit varieties; some of which were about 150 to 200 years old. Losing this orchard would have meant the extinction of these rare fruits. Aken bought this orchard and dedicated the years that followed learning ways to graft parts of these trees onto one single fruit tree; in a project he called “Tree of 40 Fruit”.

He worked with over 250 varieties and developed a timeline that showed when each fruit blossomed in relation to others. He started by grafting few of these onto the root structure of a working tree. Two years later, he used the chip grafting method to add more varieties as separate branches. The chip grafting technique helped him take a sliver from a fruit tree (including the bud), insert it into an incision made on the working tree and tape the sliver into place. This is left to heal over winter. If the branch grows well, it’s pruned back so that it can grow as a normal branch on the tree.

Five years later and after grafting several branches, Aken has his first tree of 40 fruits. The tree looks normal most of the year but during spring, a stunning patchwork of white, red, pink, and purple blossoms. These then turn into peaches, plums, almonds, nectarines, cherries and apricots during the summer. They are all unique and rare varieties. The plant is not only beautiful; it preserves the world’s diversity of stone fruit. They are grown for commercial use mostly and are selected depending on their largeness, their look and taste. This therefore means that out of hundreds of stone fruits grown all over the world, only a few are commercially viable.

Aken has been able to grow 16 trees so far and they can be found in museums, private art collections and community centers around the US. He picked the stone fruits inter-compatibility and diversity. He also added garlic and peppermint to keep away the deers. His plan is to grow this variety of trees in a city setting. Does he eat the fruits or what happens to them afterwards?
“I’ve been told by people that have [a tree] at their home that it provides the perfect amount and perfect variety of fruit. So rather than having one variety that produces more than you know what to do with, it provides good amounts of each of the 40 varieties. Since all of these fruit ripen at different times, from July through October, you also aren’t inundated. Personally, I give away most of the fruit that comes from my trees,” he said.

French Cafe Charges Rude Customers More Than Double


Here’s a cafe that’s being proactive about customer behavior towards waitstaff: A Nice-Matinreporter tweeted a photo of the menu at La Petite Syrah in Nice, France, where customers who order their coffee politely are charged significantly less than those who don’t. Customers who order their coffee with a “bonjour” and a “s’il vous plaît” (hello and please, respectively) are charged €1.40 ($1.93 USD). A coffee ordered with no greeting but with “s’il vous plaît” costs €4.25 ($5.85), and a coffee ordered simply as “un café” costs €7 ($9.63).

The cafe owner tells the Local that the tiered pricing structure started as a joke, a response to “very stressed” and “sometimes rude” lunch customers. “I know people say that French service can be rude,” he adds “but it’s also true that customers can be rude when they’re busy.” Apparently there has been an improvement in customer attitude. This isn’t the first time a cafe or restaurant owner has used pricing to incentivize better behavior in a restaurant. Earlier this year a restaurant in Beirut began offering 10% discount to any customers who would surrender their phones and socialize. Similarly, last year Eva Restaurant in Los Angeles offered a 5% discount to guests who “checked” their phones.

6-Year-Old HIV-Positive Boy Forced to Live Alone in Rural SouthWest, CHINA.

6-Year-Old HIV-Positive Boy Forced to Live Alone in Rural SouthWest, CHINA.

A six-year-old HIV-positive child named Ah-long has been collecting wood to support himself since both of his parents died from the deadly virus.

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Both his parents died of AIDS and the poor child is too much on his own, doing his own washing, cooking and studying. His 84-year-old grandmother has planted vegetables for him and visits frequently. She cooks for him, for him, but will not live with the child. Interesting YouTube history

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Everyone else in his world, including the nearby primary school has rejected him. His only friend and companion is a dog named Lao Hei.

The Sawfish


The Sawfish is a type of ray named for its long, saw-like snout, called a rostrum. They are very unusual-looking fish, and very large, and are very popular in aquariums; however, they are considered endangered in the wild.

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Sawfish use their rostrum, which is covered in sensitive pores much like a shark’s, to detect prey hiding in the sand, before smacking the prey to stun them before the sawfish feeds.

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Although the sawfish usually moves at a calm, leisurely pace, they are capable of using their powerful rostrums to defend themselves, even being able to hold their own against sharks. Curious divers have been known to be on the recieving end of a sawfish’s rostrum on occasion, but fatalities are rare.

The Black Dragonfish

19990628 CTY Sonne 03 Dr. Peter Herring shows off a black Dragonfish. This deep sea fish, less than a foot long was found a 1000 meters deep, might communicate with luminous patches on cheeks. Sonne, a research vessel, tied up at pier 2 in Honolulu, Hawaii. photo by Craig T. Kojima

The scientists reported some spectacular findings yesterday, displaying ancient volcanic rocks and strange-looking creatures with big eyes collected from the deep sea.

Using a sophisticated side-beam sonar system covering a 10-mile swath of the ocean bottom, the geophysicists and geologists made the first detailed maps of the Musician Seamounts. YouTube facts you didn’t know

Besides seamounts, the Musician chain has a new class of volcano discovered only recently, the scientists said. The chain has elongated ridges two miles high, five miles across and up to 300 miles long.

“You see some things like this on Venus and the moon,” said Jason Morgan, with the GEOMAR Research Center for Marine Geosciences at Kiel University. But until recently, he said, “People thought such features were unique to other planets.”

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Pan, who works with professor Rodey Batiza in the UH Department of Geology and Geophysics, said he believes the Musician Seamounts were formed at a hot spot in Earth’s mantle. But he thinks the ridges are the result of impact between the hot spot and mid-ocean spreading center.

Ernst Flueh, chief scientist for the cruise, said the new type of volcano has been found in about 10 sites around the world. One of the big questions is whether the ridges were formed from a single eruption or a mixing of material from Earth’s plate motions, he said.

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Seismic studies by the SONNE indicate much of the magma erupted at the surface and only a small fraction was deposited in the deeper crust, he said.

Morgan speculated that the magma oozed from from a feeder dike, or giant crack, and spread out on the surface, and the volcano was built by flows one on top of each other.

His father, geophysicist Jason Morgan of Princeton University, said seismic experiments and the aging of the rocks will help them determine the structure of the volcanoes.

The biologists also have some mysteries to unravel, particularly why many animals in the deep, dark sea have large eyes, said Peter Herring, marine biologist at the Southhampton Oceanographic Center in England.

“It’s paradoxical.”

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They also see and communicate by making their own light (bioluminescence) from pigments along their bodies, he said.

“We have a whole bunch of new species to compare with Atlantic ones,” Herring said. “Some we’ve never seen before.”

The biologists used special equipment to maintain dark, cold conditions for the animals when they brought them up from the sea, and took the creatures into a dark room for study.

Besides big eyes, the fish have very big teeth, Herring pointed out, explaining that because they don’t get a meal often they must not miss one.

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More UH scientists will be doing research on the SONNE in the future, he said. One of the world’s most advanced research ships, it is supported by the German Ministry for Education, Research and Technology.


Photos of Chinese Students Cramming for Exams Hooked to IVs Spark Controversy


It appears in China the saying “study till you drop” is taken quite literally by some, as photos show students receiving amino acid IV drips as they hit the books during late evening studying session for college exam.
You thought you were studying too hard? Well unless you’ve ever needed intravenous medication to keep you from passing out or collapsing due to excessive studying, you have it pretty good compared to these young students at a high school in Xiaogan, central China’s Hubei province. Photos taken late one evening, and posted on popular Chinese site Sina Weibo, show a brightly lit classroom full of students studying National College Entrance Exam, commonly known as “gao kao”. Students appear buried among piles of books, with dozens of IV bags hanging from lines traversing the classroom. YouTube facts that you didn’t know

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It appears in China the saying “study till you drop” is taken quite literally by some, as photos show students receiving amino acid IV drips as they hit the books during late evening studying session for college exam.
You thought you were studying too hard? Well unless you’ve ever needed intravenous medication to keep you from passing out or collapsing due to excessive studying, you have it pretty good compared to these young students at a high school in Xiaogan, central China’s Hubei province. Photos taken late one evening, and posted on popular Chinese site Sina Weibo, show a brightly lit classroom full of students studying National College Entrance Exam, commonly known as “gao kao”. Students appear buried among piles of books, with dozens of IV bags hanging from lines traversing the classroom.

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The National College Entrance Examination, or gao kao, is viewed as a life-and-death turning point in the lives of senior high-school students, as it determines if they can be accepted by into their dream schools and if they can go to college at all, regardless of their previous academic performances in high-school. The test includes three compulsory subjects (Mathematics, Chinese and English), plus a few optional, and takes place on the 7th, 8th and 9th of June. It’s basically the Chinese version of the SAT, only students apparently take it way more seriously there.

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I definitely agree studying hard is important as a student, but doing it to the point where your body actually needs amino acids to cope with exhaustion seems a bit extreme.

via Ministry of Tofu

7 Interesting Facts about YouTube that you didn’t know about

We all know about YouTube and most of us are also very much dependent on it in our day to day life. YouTube is the best video sharing network out there and there is almost zero competition for youTube. Because all of it competition are far behind the YouTube.

We mostly know this website as a free video streaming or free movie streaming site but do you know that the YouTube was first launched as a dating site? Didn’t you know that? There are many such facts about YouTube that you probably don’t know.

7 Interesting Facts about YouTube that you didn't know about

I am going to state six interesting facts about YouTube that very few people know about, and you might be exceptional.

PayPal played a role in YouTube

Most of us know that the YouTube was first created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in 2005. But many people don’t know that all of them were met first while working at PayPal. All of them are the former employee of PayPal and later formed YouTube to spread video content. So, we have to thanks, PayPal because there would have no YouTube without PayPal.

YouTube was a Dating Site Initially

The line in the 2nd paragraph is correct. YouTube was first started as a video version of dating site inspired by “Hot or Not”. But the idea didn’t work as per plan. Then there was the incidents like Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction and the Indian Ocean tsunami where the founder Karim couldn’t find a clip online. These incidents lead the founders to convert a dating site to a video sharing network.

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Google bought YouTube for 1.65 Billion

The growth rate for YouTube was insane. This triggered the Google to acquire YouTube in November 2006. The deal was final with 1.65 Billion US Dollar. Now YouTube is the 3rd most visited website after Google and Facebook. And the 2nd largest search engine after Google.

Gangnam Syle is the most watched video on YouTube

We all love Gangnam style video, don’t we? The Gangnam Style video is so popular among the users that the video is becoming the most viewed video on YouTube. At the time writing this article, the video has got more than 2 billion and 599 million views and counting.

Charlie Bit My Finger is the most watched non-music video

There are lots of videos with billions of views, and the common thing about them is all of them are music videos. But there is one video called Charlie Bit My Finger which is a funny moment between two kids which got 840 million views and counting.

The very first video on YouTube

The first video uploaded on YouTube is “Me at the zoo”. This video shows the co-founder Jawed Karim in a zoo in San Diego. Standing in front of an elephant and talking about its long trunks. This video has gain more than 4 million views. Views might not be that impressive, but the fact is this is the first video.

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400 Hours Video in a Minute

According to YouTube almost 400 hours of video being uploading per minute. This is insane. And there are over one billion YouTube users around the world.

These were some of the interesting facts about YouTube and its streaming network. Wasn’t it surprising? Share this story within your circle and let your friends know about these facts.

Source- Wikipedia

Cat Breeders Discover New Breed of Felines That Look Like Werewolves


Tennessee-based breeders have created a new breed of cat with a touch of the supernatural. The ‘Lykoi’ has the looks of a werewolf, but apparently behaves more like a dog. Due to a genetic mutation in a domestic shorthair cat, the Lykoi has no hair around its eyes, nose, ears and muzzle, giving it a werewolfish appearance.

The name ‘Lykoi’ loosely translates as ‘wolf cat’ in Greek. It has patchy hair on the rest of its body and a ‘hound dog personality’. According to the official website for the breed, “They like to hunt around the house for whatever they can find. They show caution to strangers but warm up quickly and become very friendly.”

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“There was no human intervention to create the cat,” said breeder Johnny Gobble. “The gene is a natural mutation that appeared in the domestic cat population. We are simply using the genetics of natural processes.”

It all started when the three foundation breeders – Gobble, his wife Brittney and Patti Thomas – located the first two kittens. Gobble then used cats from two groups of kittens to breed the first Lykoi kittens.

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When researchers found that a new breed had been created, they made sure the kittens were completely healthy before breeding them. Several tests were conducted to rule out genetic illnesses. Dermatologists at the University of Tennessee tested them for skin abnormalities, given the strange coat of the Lykoi.


That’s when they discovered that some of the cats’ hair follicles did not have all the components needed to create hair. Even the follicles that were able to produce hair did not have the proper balance required to maintain it. So the Lykoi can go completely bald over a period of time. Although the similarity is striking, DNA tests confirmed that these cats are not Sphinx, the famous breed of hairless cats.

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A cardiologist performed cardiac scans to ensure there were no structural problems with the heart. “In the end,” said the breeders, “we found that the cats are healthy, and the hair pattern is not from any known disease or disorder. It was determined that it was indeed a true natural mutation, and our breeding program began. September 14, 2011, we welcomed the first kitten from a Lykoi Cat to Lykoi Cat breeding. She has been named ‘Daciana’ and to date she is the only known second generation Lykoi.”


The Lykoi kittens are now hot property, with just seven registered breeders in the world. There are about 14 existing litters of kittens that are not from the original litter. According to Gobble, breeders are currently flooded with requests for Lykoi. He himself gets asked about the breed about 10 times a day.

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“We are doing our very best to monitor breeding cats to ensure that the Lykoi cat will be a new breed that has wonderful health, great personality, and the Lykoi (werecat) look,” he said. I watched a few videos of these kittens and, I don’t know, I’m not a great fan of them. They’re kind of creepy. Would you like to get one?

Lycol Cats via Daily mail

FRANCESCO LENTINI – The Three- Legged Man

FRANCESCO LENTINI – The Three- Legged Man

Frank (Francesco, Francisco) Lentini (May 18, 1881 – September 22, 1966) was born at Rosolini, near Syracuse, Sicily into a family of twelve children, seven sisters and five brothers.

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He was born with three legs, two sets of genitals and one rudimentary foot growing from the knee of his third leg. So, in total, he had three legs, four feet, sixteen toes, and two sets of functioning male genitals, which were all that existed of a conjoined twin and jutted from the right side of his body. The doctors determined that since his twin was connected to his spine, removal could have resulted in paralysis. When his parents refused to acknowledge him, his aunt raised him but eventually handed him over to a home for disabled children. As a child Lentini had hated his extra body parts until he spent time at the home. There, he met children who were deaf, blind, and mute. He also learned to walk, ice skate, and jump rope.

See also- Lamprey Fish

At the age of eight, Lentini moved to the U.S. and entered the sideshow business as The Great Lentini, joining the Ringling Brothers Circus act. He gained US citizenship at the age of 30. His career spanned over forty years and he worked with every major circus and sideshow including Barnum and Bailey and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Lentini was so respected among his peers that he was often simply called “The King”.

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In his youth, Lentini used his extraordinary third leg to kick a soccer ball across the stage, hence his show name, the Three-Legged Football Player. By the time he was six, Lentini’s normal legs were slightly different in length–one was 39 inches, the other 38 inches–but the third leg was only 36 inches, and the foot on it was clubbed.Even more as an adult, while his extra leg was several inches shorter than the others, his primary legs were also two different lengths. He was heard to complain that even with three legs, he still didn’t have a pair. He married Theresa Murray, three years younger than him, and they had four children: Josephine, Natale, Frank and James.Frank Lentini died in Jacksonville, Florida on 22 September 1966.



A near-Earth asteroid – called 2012 DA14 by astronomers – will pass very close to Earth on February 15, 2013.
Astronomers estimate that, when it’s closest to us, the asteroid will be about 21,000 miles (35,000 kilometers) away – much closer than Earth’s moon (about 240,000 miles away) – and closer even than some of our own orbiting satellites.

Astronomers’ calculations of asteroid orbits can be trusted. After all, even decades ago, they knew enough about calculating orbits to send people to the moon and bring them safely back, and today we are able place our space vehicles in orbit around objects as small as asteroids. So, no, 2012 DA14 won’t strike us in 2013. There was a remote possibility it might strike us in 2020, but that possibility has been ruled out also.

Do You knowYouTube is the 2nd best search engine

What do we know about asteroid 2012 DA14?

Asteroid 2012 DA14 is a little guy, compared to some asteroids, although its size has not been pinned down precisely. It is thought to be only about 150 feet (46 meters) across.

If a space object 150 feet wide were to strike our planet, it wouldn’t be Earth-destroying. But it has been estimated that it would produce the equivalent of 2.4 megatons of TNT. How does that compare with other known impact events on Earth? In 1908, in a remote part of Russia, an explosion killed reindeer and flattened trees. But no crater was ever found. Scientists now believe a small comet struck Earth. That event has been estimated at 3 to 20 megatons. So 2012 DA14 is in the same approximate realm as the Tunguska comet (which, actually, might have been an asteroid instead). It would not destroy Earth, but it could flatten a city.

What will happen when Asteroid 2012 DA14 passes closely in 2013?

What will happen when it passes us? The short answer is … nothing. On the day it passes, most of us won’t see it or be aware of its passage, in any way. The asteroid won’t alter the tides. It won’t cause volcanoes. It’ll just sweep closely past us – as millions of asteroids have done throughout Earth’s four-and-a-half-billion-year history – some in your own lifetime.

Lamprey Fish


Lampreys are a very ancient and primitive group of jawless vertebrates. Rare fossil remains from over 300 million years ago strongly suggest that today’s lampreys have changed little over this time.

See alsoThe sawfish

Most species of lamprey are parasites and have long, eel-like bodies that lack scales. They use their jawless mouths to attach to a host fish by suction before sucking out the living tissues. There are nearly 50 species of lamprey, most of whom spend their lives out at sea and return to freshwater only to spawn.

See alsoThe black dragonfish

Lampreys live mostly in coastal and fresh waters, although some species, (e.g. Geotria australis, Petromyzon marinus, Entosphenus tridentatus) travel significant distances in the open ocean, as evidenced by their lack of reproductive isolation between populations. They are found in most temperate regions except those in Africa. Their larvae (ammocoetes) have a low tolerance for high water temperatures, which may explain why they are not distributed in the tropics.

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Adults physically resemble eels, in that they have no scales, and can range anywhere from 13 to 100 centimetres (5 to 40 inches) long. Lacking paired fins, adult lampreys have large eyes, one nostril on the top of the head, and seven gill pores on each side of the head. The unique morphological characteristics of lampreys, such as their cartilaginous skeleton, suggest they are the sister taxon of all living jawed vertebrates (gnathostomes), and are usually considered the most basal group of the Vertebrata.They will generally not attack humans unless starved.



This is not new news, but it bears repeating. Northern Chinese resident Jian Feng divorced and sued his wife for $120,000 and won!

The story goes that Mr. Feng was deeply in love with his beautiful wife until they had a baby girl.

Feng was horrified at how ugly the baby was and demanded to know who his wife had cheated on him with because the baby resembled neither of the parents.

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It was only then that his wife confessed that she had received intense plastic surgery to look radically different. Feng divorced and sued his wife under the terms that she had gotten him to marry her under false pretenses!

Not only did the woman pay $100,000 for the surgery to make her pretty, she had to pay $120,000 to a guy who apparently only loved her for the looks she paid for.