7 Interesting Facts about YouTube that you didn’t know about

We all know about YouTube and most of us are also very much dependent on it in our day to day life. YouTube is the best video sharing network out there and there is almost zero competition for youTube. Because all of it competition are far behind the YouTube.

We mostly know this website as a free video streaming or free movie streaming site but do you know that the YouTube was first launched as a dating site? Didn’t you know that? There are many such facts about YouTube that you probably don’t know.

7 Interesting Facts about YouTube that you didn't know about

I am going to state six interesting facts about YouTube that very few people know about, and you might be exceptional.

PayPal played a role in YouTube

Most of us know that the YouTube was first created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in 2005. But many people don’t know that all of them were met first while working at PayPal. All of them are the former employee of PayPal and later formed YouTube to spread video content. So, we have to thanks, PayPal because there would have no YouTube without PayPal.

YouTube was a Dating Site Initially

The line in the 2nd paragraph is correct. YouTube was first started as a video version of dating site inspired by “Hot or Not”. But the idea didn’t work as per plan. Then there was the incidents like Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction and the Indian Ocean tsunami where the founder Karim couldn’t find a clip online. These incidents lead the founders to convert a dating site to a video sharing network.

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Google bought YouTube for 1.65 Billion

The growth rate for YouTube was insane. This triggered the Google to acquire YouTube in November 2006. The deal was final with 1.65 Billion US Dollar. Now YouTube is the 3rd most visited website after Google and Facebook. And the 2nd largest search engine after Google.

Gangnam Syle is the most watched video on YouTube

We all love Gangnam style video, don’t we? The Gangnam Style video is so popular among the users that the video is becoming the most viewed video on YouTube. At the time writing this article, the video has got more than 2 billion and 599 million views and counting.

Charlie Bit My Finger is the most watched non-music video

There are lots of videos with billions of views, and the common thing about them is all of them are music videos. But there is one video called Charlie Bit My Finger which is a funny moment between two kids which got 840 million views and counting.

The very first video on YouTube

The first video uploaded on YouTube is “Me at the zoo”. This video shows the co-founder Jawed Karim in a zoo in San Diego. Standing in front of an elephant and talking about its long trunks. This video has gain more than 4 million views. Views might not be that impressive, but the fact is this is the first video.

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400 Hours Video in a Minute

According to YouTube almost 400 hours of video being uploading per minute. This is insane. And there are over one billion YouTube users around the world.

These were some of the interesting facts about YouTube and its streaming network. Wasn’t it surprising? Share this story within your circle and let your friends know about these facts.

Source- Wikipedia


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